in the fine print!



Saturday, September 7, 2013

in the fine print!


Whenever you talk about having kids, what’s the first thing you think about? The pretty clothes. The cute baby shoes. Who will they look like? Have you ever thought about the fine print of having them? The things people just DON’T tell you about them. How whenever you buy something they automatically want the exact thing you brought? How is it that they have full control of what you thought was your life they come with and invisible fine print that only show up when time go on! At first it just wipes clothes and diapers! This is what you expect then the fine print kick in “FINE PRINT SAYS”  When you get in the store, don’t think you will only spend what you wrote on your list, watch the three is just basic here comes baby food and toys colds and flu medicine then out of the blue it first birthday buy a cake to watch them mash it all on there face and you think that is so cute until some get on you and can’t come out the clothes you and the baby is wearing! Now back to store not to but one new piece but two but when you see how cute the baby clothes is and you spend more!

Then teenager years oh boy aren’t you in for awakening. They are more concerned about how they look and what is we in for these kid look like rainbow bright you look to see if this is still your child! Every day what come on TV they want to look like so you do your best and say come on let’s go to the store! No fine print until you get in the store time you come around the corner BAM HERE THIS FINE PRINT COMES OUT OF NO WHERE! And you was still on the old fine print!” BUT THE NEW PRINT SAYS” caution they will want more then before then all of a sudden you look at that child and it’s like they work for the money and all you do is hold it in your pockets look out the place called walmart come alive! But when the fine print is in front of you do you read?

  There is some words on picture and I know you miss because of all that yada yada yada! watch out you missed something! peace pastorsvoice! You are one if you fall for this!


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