hood to woods








Sunday, September 1, 2013

hood to woods




Yes street life  love  A city that never sleep all the people and places to be involve with days and night fill with excitement always something popping to see the people flocking to a block party to the club in the spot where you know is hot! No time to sleep all this work is just for me swollen pockets boy I got this! Big faces get you in a lot of places where you can be on top because the block is hot! Oh dip just made a grand all this money in my hand my hood is good man let me make all this wood! To get this night over sell out and start over! This was my life me and my crew had to do what we do don’t judge me because we cool we just live by the street rules! To make it big in this city is the American dream in my hood then you would have known what it mean! See we have bars on out place and you know that’ my girl car but that has change no more light and sites in this city life was doing good in my hood now I find my self living in the WOODS! Deep in the south someone help me get out! Not the hood but the woods You will not understand you can take the man out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the man! Oh boy here we goes deep in these woods where nobody knows!

Dark and spooky no light dark as hell at night and all these bugs is in flight in your nose and in your hair these damn bugs is everywhere! They bite you and suck your blood still fly off and show you no love crazy azz sounds all around! Full hood all good but to have me sacred in these damn woods! Out of the dark here it comes straight for you and I have no gun! Nothing but me and my  hand this sounds like a real azz cutting if it was a man closer and closer you here this thing run really really these woods is no fun! Not me I’m no punk to throw these blows with the best but to run hell that was my first guess! But all these things ran threw my mind what if a snake bite me or a bobcat might attack to a bear hell I’m there snack as fast as I run the sounds still comes close my mind and my body say hell you’re done and this one just might come! Some light will make this right so I can at lease see when my bell get rung! All the bugs just singing because they all knew that this is a damn fool to be out here running in my woods! I saw a show that showed me just how it goes but at that time that shit was not on my mind all I can say that hood stuff went away because my feet was not here to stay! Finally some light!

Running by the creek fearing for my life! Nights is good in the hood but not in these damn woods! To my really bad scare a whole pack of deers was just standing there what the hell was I suppose to do when all this sound in behind you as the lighting flash dead on my azz was more deer to fear! And the more I scream just like a girl no one heard me I was in deer world ! After while it made me stop! Wait a minute deers do throw rocks deer don’t laugh behind the deers was some men who started laughing went this began to see a black man scream like a girl running in the woods from a bunch of deers which they call their food! Hey I’m tough and can go with the best but dark azz woods and fast azz deers this is some mess! So I stay my azz in the house because I know that them deers is still out and about! Yes you can see from hood to woods is a hell of a life for me! peace pastorsvoice!


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