look into a mans heart








Wednesday, August 28, 2013

look into a man’s heart






Here in my room again 2:19 in the morning can’t sleep mind is racing on how is my life and can my heart be fill? No not all men just sit and think of ways that they can please them self you have a few that love pleasing others no not cold and un-caring or just to get his rocks off this one have a heart that has been broken many times and understands the meaning of hurt and pain trust and commitment yes a man with feelings is what most need. But to get there takes time to know what is the importance of this thing we call togetherness now don’t get me wrong I made some mistakes and hurt some people in my time but I learned how to show true love not just from heart but mind body and soul! True feeling can’t be taught it has to be lived in order to show what is on the inside no this It’s not just words that run thought my mind this is what I become in this life time! To see so much pain is my gain to be able to write these words. Just take a few and see where this is going! Most say we don’t care but we do just not in the way most think! We hurt too but is too afraid to show it why that is a sign of weakness on our part and all we know is to be strong but it comes with a price many don’t understand when a man cry or when a man needs to feel needed and wanted how so soft we really are!

Hey love is a scary thing why if you pour our your heart and give all you got and it’s not good enough it damage you and next time you won’t give anyone chance to hurt you when in your eyes all you see is the pain of failure but in their eye all they see is why don’t you let me love you the way you need to be love hey I’m not trying to get brownie points or to get you to like me alone I was born and alone will I die! But to have a piece of what we call happiness takes a life time to get and when you get it how long to you have to enjoy it well as for me this is my plea that the time we have live life the best we can and the rest don’t worry about why you don’t have power to make someone love you all you got is time to show how much you care and if it takes a life time then it was worth my life to share last but not lease I go back to my room a wake and feeling alone why because the fear of the un known!

peace pastorsvoice!


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