chocolate moon



Friday, August 23, 2013

chocolate moon


I’m just a person with so much time that my mind will race out of control to be in a place where life has stop is my chocolate moon! Life is non-excising here to smell life as we know it to be is gone. Now we go threw time as if it was a phase in space that you want to be alive but the quietness is all around you like a glove on your hand tight woven that you gasp for air and it tighten it’s grip on you! See life is good when you can live it to it’s fullest! But when you are trap between no friends no family no people that fits in having something well
it’s gets hard to just laugh but so easily to cry even when no one did any thing to you! Hoping to break free but no where to go lost in a place that is closing in on you hey that your moon! No life nothing but space and time and all you have is you. Hey we get so lonely at times and even death don’t come around no more! Well you ask why? Some time you can be with a lot of people and still be alone you can be in relationships and still have no one so we go threw this life putting on false smiles and trying to maintain your peace of mind but losing yourself at every step you take steady changing and not realizing that we are being control not by happiness only but pain also and the pain make us cold to feeling happy so we just do what we do best as people survive on the chocolate moon we call home! See below we are just dust put together until life blows you away!

      Where is your hole in this place is it fill with hustle and movement or just a place of hurt and confusion?
Well we like to be in control but at times we don’t know what control is especially when all our path is control by likes and dislikes  how can we get off this moon in time before we become a part of just another stepping stone for someone else to feel that we are below them because our wealth and life style don’t equal up to theirs or our color makes us to be less or our friends make us better? To look at my moon and know life is a bitch when you are not on top of your game hey this is a blog not to get sorrow but to open our eyes to know hey we need each other just to live here true spit! peace pastorsvoice!


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