hate to have



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

hate to have


Hey today me as a man got a real dose of you can’t you try to better thing and most just hate the ideal,
the unknown is a powerful tool to just keep you down or to be used to hold you back but great minds
had to go threw the same thing but people hang around just to see what they can get then move on why?
We blame people for our own short comings when we need to blame our self.We are free to be anything
we go after yes this is me not loud talking but just knowing that you always need somebody  to be that
inspiration to move you forward yes this is me at the edge of my rock just wondering which way to go
when you give your best and that’s not enough then deep in yourself you have to get more even if you feel
there is no more to give. Me just one who don’t like to fail or let anyone down that feel like there’s some-
thing special in that one wait and see! Hopes and dreams of a man who had to start over from scratch
time and time again the feeling that get in the pit of you stomach and make you sick of the fear of failure
to do something that most think is impossible to do but it eats at your soul to get it done you push youself
over and over until you can’t go no more and come to the edge of you rock so what now?

How much is the power of one and who can measure how low failure takes you? What high it brings to your
road to be some lost slave to your own short comings? See I have been this way for so long sometimes it feels like i’m never going to get up because you tell your self why it will knock me down again so why try?
see right now I’m in a mode that fear is winning and you can easily say do let it but the power of one is
just that one and you feel lost and alone but just as life get a grip on you you say I’m not a slave to failure I can make this work I’m not for sale and you can’t buy me at auction or on the block why my rock is steady and my mind is in high gear so this is deep and you can’t reach it with your put downs and harmful  words
and shameful looks that you give when you realize that you can’t stop me or hold me down to strong and to
wise peace pastorsvoice!


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