make me catch a case








Wednesday, August 7, 2013

make me catch a case!




False advertising it is one thing that will make you catch a case take a look at this picture tell me do this piss you off when you spend your money?

Burger King in one of the places that always advertise one thing and you get another. Time and time again we spend our hard earned money on crap that is not  real just look at what we always presented with take this pill lose three dress size shake this on your food and you won’t get hungry and put this on And see a Slimmer and trimmer you! All this bull just to get your money that you work your tail off to get but get screwed each day out of it! How long does we want to be a damn sucker that take it! If we go in a office and say we can type good but can’t type on all they will fire us or we say we know how to drive get to the DMV get the DMV instructor in the car take his azz down the road and wreck on his side then look at him and say I said I can drive but didn’t say how good I can drive what you think would happen to us? Look at this other picture

  How can you tell me texting while driving kills then turn right around and say for more driving tips text safety to 79191 WTF? If I’m driving why would I text you if it kills?  See this is the kind of world we live in always offering us something that looked real good when you are offer it but when you get it is nothing like what they showed you and can’t do nothing what they say then they get negative mad when asked for your money back what a double standard! If the police catch you on the phone and you are driving they would give your ticket right but you see them driving down the highway on the phone texting and nothing wrong! Or you will see them speeding their tail off just to go to a restaurant to get some food know lawbreakers is in their except at the buffet when you take the last piece of chicken leaving you standing there and mad because now you got to wait on them to bring more chicken

Now this is Walmart the place that brings you big saving they say having a sale but just look at that picture what do you see if a 12 pack was three dollars and they say you can buy four for $12 tell me if I’m wrong four time 3 Is 12 what are you saving now you got gas investing time invested how can you save even more we get screw every day but then they wonder why we don’t trust the  advertisement is it just me or is you to next time you see this get that manager pull his butt to the advertisement and go to work on that azz why he is in on the scam and tell him this is your bonus that you get all your hard work peace pastorsvoice!


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