Saturday, August 3, 2013





Invasion of what heart, mind or soul most things invade our body through a terminology call germs but what is a germ? An outside invader! Only inside the destroyer controls thoughts can invade our mind and cause damage to our souls in the form of what is right to the heart and look deep inside you self and noticed there is a war going on between the host and the invader! Feeling is the most germ that we over look why is silent and deadly without warning it comes upon you and control your whole outcome. See we think we got a handle on this life but life is what? Who is controlling who? Feelings make you do crazy things when you want to let go you can’t. Caught up in the  sickness we feel we are in full control but little do we know the invader is controlling us. Just like drops of rain from the sky if hits you over and over until it covers you !

The invader will come in and destroy all that you have work on to having a good live it will make you turn away from all that want to help and tell you that you is all alone man this thing! Will straight bum rush you so bad that it will have you crying went no one did nothing to you or no one is around! But you trust this cold moving thing that all it’s purpose is to take control of you and make you be it’s slave! It tells you every thing how to look how to dress he to feel how to understand how to walk ,talk, live, breath and most of all to die. Why give this outside invader full control of you? You don’t think for your self any more it do! When you was young you had none in your body you was strong then you told your mama boyfriend he was ugly and ran off and laugh about it! You said it was nasty and did not eat it just to please nobody! You had full control of the house when you cry the hold house was at your beck and call! Watch this when you crap the whole room was put on blast! And all was afraid of who turn it is to change you! See this outside invader had not got inside until you mother and father  made a deal to sell you out to it and it came in like a flood to destroy who you was!

The way it was is long gone now! You had to deal with this each day because the invader is call FEELINGS SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL THEY SOLD YOU OUT TO THEM ! MAN FREE ME OR TAKE THIS OUT WHY A LOT OF TIMES THEY IS WRONG AS HELL! PEACE pastorvoice


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