Sunday, July 28, 2013

where’s mama?




What happen to a mother in these days? Time has got so that they took mother clean out the house and re placed her with a working woman! Now I know many women will be piss at me for this but this is a wake up call to try to save the home! MOTHER’S is just like a carpenter she build’s the home she makes the men and women of today she install all the stuff that is needed in this world to make it! SHE make a home a home! A place that all are glad to get to! BUT now days this is what you get see below and that a shame!

SHE don’t know jack shit about cooking a damn meal the laptop is doing the cooking not her well the laptop can’t show love like mama can the laptop can’t drive you to mall or to game or pick you up? See we think that because we have got more smarter the easy way out is the way and you wonder why a child would go in a school and kill every one and kill himself with the guns that mother bought him because she had to work late! Most is quick to say where’s daddy Ok where is that azz wipe! I’m going to say this and if I’m wrong prove it!The reason it take two to work is the way they want to live but what about the way they need to live! QUESTION WHO THE HELL IS RAISING THE KIDS?MOST of you azz wipes will say my kids is in day care heck yeah we know and if you had your way when they was spit out of your tail you would have put them in there so some one else can raise them and you can do the life you want to! Damn right I’m hard on you why most women can’t cook or clean or wash clothes or any thing that make a house but one thing now they can screw there azz off and talk shit to you but that’s all! Damn you good at IBM but suck azz at home hell yeah you can make a main frame jump but can’t take a bone out of a piece of meat!SURE YOU MAKE BIG BUCKS! But all your daughter is good for is a good fuck! SHE has no home training as how to take care a home and raise a family because you had to work to pay off all that you spoiled YOURSELF WITH! But then have the never to post on line there’s no good men and more! DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY THERE IS NO MORE GOOD MEN? YOUR MOTHER DID NOT RAISE ONE SHE WAS AT WORK THAT WHY HER SON DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WOMEN WHY MAMA WAS NEVER AROUND EITHER! THIS IS  WHERE SHE WAS LOOK BELOW!



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