justice for who?

Sunday, July 21, 2013
justice for who?
See we fell because the color of our skin we all ways get missed treated yes there are some that still live in that stupid world but not all! Many races get missed treated by what we call JUSTICE! To be for real this is all justice stand for J=JUST U=USE S=SOMEONE T=TIL I=I C=CAN E=EXECUTE! See we all can fall thru a loop hole in it no it’s not perfect but it is all we have! We have some freedom and most don’t realize just how bless we are! Listen all was a slave one time in history but some just lasted longer then others but all races been there! So we all say injustice when we feed in to what the press gives us. Don’t you know by now that they give you just what they want you to know so you can acted just like they want you to! Answer me this all the one who got killed and never made the news all the date rapes,the race on race crimes,the hit men that kill and go free no one to stop him! What about all times some one dad beat the crap out of his wife but just gets another try to kill her! We scream not fair or they hate us or because we black if its a white judge or because I’m white if it’s a black judge! Why can’t we just say all people who have the power miss used the power that is giving to them by WE THE PEOPLE! If they do what you feel is right then they are a good and know the law! The same one you praise do what you don’t feel is right then they are racists or they is on their side!
See any one can lie and why did it had to be about race not just some one kill a child or some killer need his azz kicked! Watch this when OJ Simpson killed his wife he got away with it until he got black and strong arm his friends! This Zimmerman man won’t get far if you just let KARMA have it’s way tell me if you burn your city where is that justice? They did not do it! JUSTICE IS A WORD THAT WE DON’T LIVE BY WHEN IT’S NOT FOR US! THEN IT IS YOU GOT OVER ON THEM! Ok watch this we do wrong stuff to get ahead if life and when we do it kill a whole family not just one we rob a them of their chance to get ahead! But where is justice in that? YEAH YEAH GET PISS AT ME CAUSE I DON’T SHOUT THAT JUSTICE WAS NEVER SERVE LISTEN HE GOT BY IN THIS COURT BUT HE STILL GOT A JUDGE THAT HE GOT TO MEET AND NO JURY CAN FREE HIM THEN WHY SIN IS SIN AND THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH BUT THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE! SO CHILL OUT GOD GOT HIM PEACE PASTORSVOICE!


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