unfinish love!



Thursday, July 18, 2013

unfinish love!

This person taught me how to love one person have to be faithful dedicated and truth in other words all the things you will want in a person but see people sometimes feel like they can’t feel this way. See I left and went to school in another state knowing in myself that my love for her was strong enough to keep me. For six months while I was at school not once I mean not once did I cheat or wanted to cheat because I really love this girl thinking that this job will help once I get out of school I didn’t have the sale drugs no more for us to have nice things all I was thinking  about was us but people and environment has a lot to do with young people mind her friends and her cousin convince her not to wait on me go on with their life because I was doing the same thing so when I got back things had changed she was not the same love that I had left they had convinced her that I was un- faithful and not true to her so we broke up on that but until today my love has never changed  But I know that in my heart I was true and faithful never did anything wrong so to all that read this blog and know what I feel this one is dedicated to you. Try to mend that empty part that is in your heart true saying if you can’t be with the one you love then love the one you with peace pastorsvoice!

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