hate flies @ roaches!



Sunday, July 14, 2013

hate flies@roaches!


Ready to all that have this problem this is something we need to bring to the attention of the people flies and roaches are problem seeing in the south there was one time that Nat.And nats was the kings! See in dogs days the nats got really bad they used to be everywhere all the hair in your mouth in your eyes even will go up to nose but it seems like those days are gone now the flies and roaches has taken! Over see a rat we can deal with we can shoot a rat but a roach and a fly they just have too many at one time a fly will come straight from a dogs butt and land dead on your sandwich a roach will crawl straight out the Toilette into your cup! It’s time to get poppin to wage war against these two because they just don’t care about us! They  would buzz right here in the morning and crawl in our bed at night!

See these flies has no respect for person they will wait good until you sit down and start Buzzing all around you just like a roach they wait until company comes here to come out in a party all on the wall on the floor behind the door jumping in and out! Climbing up and out of people pocketbooks hanging on their clothes getting a free ride to a new home but they are never alone man the whole family will come. And do you think they care man a fly flying your house is the worst aggravation you got not one but some each time you open up something here come that dog gone fly now this really gets me in the morning time when you are getting a good sleep this fly will buzz you out of your sleep and you go kill it this thing fly in another room and buzz somebody else get me the spray

Okay that may work on a fly but not a roach! Roaches have lived here for more than 1 billion years how can you stop something as old as that you spray they come back you bomb they come back you call  terminx and a spray your whole house now the  ants is gone but the roaches move into another home and when they come back they don’t come back alone and their main goal is to die and multiple all they do is eat and screw or screw and eat either way you want it now. I know a lot of you claim that you don’t have none of these in your house its to clean for them but if you live in the city you can’t tell me you haven’t had roaches even if you live in the rural area roaches is there to now in my close I leave this with you roaches are forever but just not you!peace pastorsvice


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