lose lips sinks ships

Sunday, July 7, 2013 lose lips sink ships!
This is what we say to they who just got a big mouth! Now a snitch is different a snitch is one who only motive is self server but lose lips just talk to damn much! They talk about stuff that makes no sense for them to say like this you just fell and broke your foot and is screaming in pain and they come and ask you are you hurt? Your foot is twisted where you can walk backwards they see this and still say are you hurt? Ok like this you and your friend is out and you run in to some one who has lose lips! Next time you see them here they go asking you question about who was he how you met him and here it go how good is he? WTF you done ran out right there! SEE you talk to much! Have you met some one for the first time and BAM! They is all up in your business just like they know you and don’t know jack! That leads me to the next one the one who know it all you know every time you say something they did it too or that happen to me also! Who ask you this was my story not yours! Or the one that all the time just say some stupid stuff all the time just like this saying if I was you then I would do this or never did that! Hold up wait a minute just let me get up in it! FOOL if you were me then you would do just as I did why you are me you retard but this kills me the most how can you tell me smoking is bad when we live by examples well if it’s bad why the hell one is in your mouth?
Don’t click to see whats in side why It don’t work it look real act real but what comes out is not real! Just like when you just told someone to don’t tell anybody about what just happen to you and as soon as someone comes around here they goes with there big mouth and now everybody is in your business and if you watch the limb don’t fall far from the tree I bet you mamma or daddy got the lose lip disease some one have punch one of them in the mouth before for talking to much! See if you can’t understand let me open you up on this some people just can’t keep nothing watch this if it’s too hot for you not to tell some one how do you expect that when you tell them they can keep it! Now this one will blow you totally away! You tell your good friend about how good your man is how he buy you this and give you that how he all the time spoil you and she say I wish I had a man like that and when you and him start having problems he go to her for advice why she is you best friend right? Who knows you better than she do! Well am I right! He tells her how it over between you and him and how she tried to warn him! Now two week past and you haven’t heard from him or her then you call her and he answer the phone OPPS! YOUR LOSE LIPS TOLD ALL YOUR GOODS AND NOW SHE IS LIKE THIS GIRL YOU KNOW ITS TRUE OOO I TOLD
YOU!peace pastorsvoice to BAD!


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