Thursday, July 4, 2013
poor man’s vacation!
tv shows2
Tv is a poor man vacation it will take you places you never been or seen! I can travel across seas go to north pole go deep in the jungle with out moving off my chair! Now I know most is saying WTF? But to a poor man with cable it’s on! Hey life deals you a hand and you must play it to get away from the daily grind come home get a cold one sit back and just unwind! A poor man’s vacation! Don’t cost much if you can pay your cable bill and light bill its of to the races! If you want to see a dark cave well don’t pay the light bill! Want to see something scary look in mirror! Now you will say how is this a vacation well check this out no money no gas in car no bill collector on phone why you didn’t pay the bill so you said no one can disturb you while you is on vacation see we can get away too! Get a bottle of wine with the money left out of the phone bill you did not pay buy some candles why when you come off vacation on Monday lights may be off so before that happen prepare turn off all lights while you have them off then light a candle call you lady or man friend over so the candles won’t be wasted hey the one you owe money to! Heck tell them you will pay them when you get off your vacation! GO BIG WITH THE MONEY YOU OWE! Have a candle light dinner with them turn on the TV to national geographic channel and go to Rome! And if you just have basic cable turn to ETV and visit Italy!
tv shows
See here you can see all the sites for free! Ok for you outdoors poor man I got a vacation for you! Listen get the cat litter box but clean it out first or your vacation will be cut short or be a smelly one! When you get the cat litter box filled with sand listen take that broken umbrella and stick it in there get a big towel and spread it out on ground by the litter box! Now get down to your boxers rub your self with cooking oil and lay out with the water hose on the sprinkler just make sure you paid the water bill or its a dry vacation! Pour some dish washing liquid on some plastic let the water run on it now your at a water park now! Boy this will be fun! Call up your drinking buddies get some wood why waste money on charcoal you can used that to drink with look in trees see the squirrels hey BBQ! And it’s free if you don’t want to use your bullets ask neighbor kid who shot out your back window in your car to use his BB RIFLE! BB’S don’t costs much! Now it’s getting late all the booze is gone but you still got a half of bottle of wine left from candle light dinner! Run friends home and get you chair and lets fly away to some other place that is on TV! A nice boat ride down the river!
tv shows1
see how easy for a poor man to take a VACATION! peace pastorsvoice!


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