Parents beware!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
parents beware!6c38c-heavy

To all parents listen to this kids is what your all you worries will be about see how this man look this is your mind when your kids is on it! Wondering is they all right or why don’t they call or why don’t they say how much they love you! See when they are young your worries just start is they fine what hurt on them will they just be normal how will they look when the grow up this is a warning to how life will be if you have kids! They are the mystery that you will encounter! Now I’m not saying they are bad or good sweet or sour but in the end they are ours! Hey I’m a dad who love his kids most moms get this thrill to watch and live their child’s happiness and fears! All days you go threw their lives wondering did you did the right thing did you teach them right or how protected they are when they sleep at night! You try your best to let them go threw the test that life will bring but in the back of your mind its still the same that’s my baby and I will save you no matter what is the pain! To all that have them and to the ones that don’t love is a drug that does a good haunt! It make you blind where you can’t see that growing up is what must be! Some parents deal with this good and some parents just don’t! Me I’m in between ready for them to leave but hate to see them go how the hell can that be?1c4b3-heavy1

Over and over in my mind I know that it’s time but is loving them is that a big crime? Hate when they are mad at you to lose them is the worst fear! But when we get it right oh how it bring many tears! Now I know some of you parents don’t have that problem out the door and on your own that’s how you solve them! I know what’s right and they have to go but mine is still in my life even when we don’t take care of them any more! This is for a parent who loves who can see that children is wonderful just like a puppy! To all that read this and is not touch tell me how love can’t hurt you as much? KIDS is the sweetest pain that being a parents your life will bring! Just remember not long ago you was a kid need I say more? This is for all the people who lost their child the time you spent with them was worth your while see in my case mines just makes me smile in this last days many of you need to say baby I love you and you are my child! peace pastorsvoice! PS many colors you see this is just how life will be if you lose your child!12415-heavy2


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