Bright light in city

Sunday, June 30, 2013
bright lights in the city!
Bright lights big dreams in a city all dream of a chance to make this their paradise but many dream get shatter in the push and pull of live in the big city!Little boys dream little girls never seen the pretty lights that make or break many souls! Down these street life look good but its a struggle just to see who can win lots of dirty deals just to get a meal! Who got a smile just to see what you got on the inside dog eat dog these streets will chew you up and spit you out and no one will give a hoot about you! Many people who was good and went there got suck in to the race to be on top! Lost and alone this is not your home hard and mean hey they make alot of green! Friends will come and friends will go see a face today and never see them no more!Life in the big city! Some love it some get run over by it to make it is to take it no matter what it take bright lights is your life! Hustle to be the best and no one matter why she was just another stepping stone to make him grown! Little girls beware it’s a jungle out there! Pretty pretty faces pretty places to get you have to give and how much is your soul worth in gold! A Lot to see and a lot to be but you are never free in the bright lights of the city!
OH boy how much is ahead of you to get into don’t under estimate the pace or the place this is for the strong and many wrongs is the way of life! Get a good job think you have made it but just look at your photograph when you left home and now see how the street wore on you made you look so old! Fast life fast times see fast to live and fast to die! But baby i’m on it can’t worry what mamma said why I on my own!Little girl please go home! But you got to prove that you are grown! Look so good but for real you ain’t
ready! When you hit the block who got all the stock the make this world rock go home!
peace pastorsvoice!


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