Friday, June 28, 2013
deep in my world!
My mind is that a racing to see what it can accomplish thoughts going back-and-forth but still lost in my mind seeing how it take so much to just be so much my brain is in a game that is not the same run into all the mazes this in my mind my visions get lost all the time and when feelings and emotions enter in hurt and depression starts to begin open the past to the darkest side all my dreams begin to collide with all the thing that makes my mind come alive over and over again. This pattern of thinking start to begin deep in the world of thoughts taking me places and images of light going in races! Negative thoughts is in my mind pushing back the positive that makes me blind thinking that the world is a beautiful place but when people make is so ugly and a disgrace push forth an push back visions of a calm world trying to relax steady being aggravated by the things in this world when time sit in my mind the sounds of screams of pain and agony is flowing to make me open my eyes to a world that tears itself from inside! People can’t you see that war and fighting is not in me !To hate is easy but to love is so hard why people is so torn apart! Just take one moment and see!44c4d-lost2

Visions of peace just go through my mind is all I see is war all the time this one against that and that one against this when is we going to realize that this earth is all our home no one will survive everyone shoot bombs from their side so what is the big fuss and fight to try to prove that each one is right when all is settle and done when is all over nobody won!You hate me for what reason don’t know me never seen me but you hate me why is that going to be just try to get to know me and you will see that me and you have so much in common! Death is for all and life is just for the only one who stands tall so reading this blog you see my dilemma get through this maze in my mind you need to remember that life is short and you must live it to the fullest Life take time to enjoy the beauty of it!peace pastorsvoice!c64d7-lost4


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