Tuesday, June 25, 2013
TO: all the hard azz talkers on line!
Yes on the internet you can act so bad azz why no one see you and you talk a good game but in real life you get your azz kick! Man people on line get so bold why they know you are a million miles away! So they spit stuff our their minds that they would never say to your face why they would get that azz knocked out! See I just been threw this where this person talked so much smack on how love and relationship is and told on it’s self this azz wipe posted I never cheated and never been cheated on in my life! See this one they get this badge for how you don’t have a life all you got is a damn laptop and time! So here’s your badge!

See it’s get me when they get on line and just because they heard some bullshit from some perverted professor at the school that only them will attend get a degree in how to mess with someone mind who’s mind in messed up in the first place then bring that bull to on line and tell you that you don’t know how to communicate and there’s more to it than that! Well to your first point communicate this kiss my black azz! Is that clear communication for you! And to your next point if there was more to it how the hell you can understand more when you did not get the first part right! So to all that think they win a fight on the internet this is you!
Man get a life and I’ll show you how to win your internet fight DELETE YOUR AZZ OFF MY PAGE! peace pastorsvoice!


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