99 problems and love is not one

Thursday, June 20, 201399
99 problems but love is not one!
Love is all over the internet and most who say it don’t have a damn clue what it mean! Now we know hurt pain and whine about what had happen to us and how we want love to be. We put these quotes on line that some one who don’t give a rats azz about you and love just need more hits on their post! Then you got these people that post how bad they got hurt and then other join in and say you are right! But if the one giving you advice can keep no one their self how the hell is that helping you? No its just helping your pity party! They all ways post about how bad they was treated but never tell about the slick shit that they did they always talk about how they did them so wrong well isn’t it wrong to try to change someone into your dream man or woman? We have used the word love so much that we don’t have a clue to what we want! All we have is dreams of how it suppose to be. Well life is a bitch some times and wake up out of the world of every thing must go my way! Listen love is like a fly it’s only good when it’s doing what it’s born for! A fly is born to eat screw and die! Love is born to make you feel wanted, needed,and at one! How can you ever get this went you can’t stand your own ways! When you accept it you won’t have to find love love will find you!99 1
See every time you talk about how bad you got it more bad comes to you! Every one of us have something that we never want to come out! That’s why we see all of someone else bad faults why a dog know a dog and a cheater all ways get cheated by one! And this is for all who say I never did nothing to hurt them. Bet You Did! Watch this! Each time you try to get them to do something you knew that they did not want to do but they did it just to please you that a true way of showing that you don’t love them all you love is what you want! Now you say that’s not true then why is it when they say no you get mad! See we is so good about telling some one else our problem so we can get a short cut in how to solve it not just working it out and learning from it! Why would you ask your girlfriend how to keep your man when she don’t have a steady man her self! We talk about love but this is what love is all about taking the good and bad the trust and the times you don’t trust! To go against what you feel is hard but that’s what love is! Doing what you never done! Stay with the one who hurt you and just give them a chance to make it right ! But I know you once you hurt they don’t get a second chance to do it again! Right! But you will think wrong of someone who did you like that when you just messed up and made a bad choice! Oh love is giving and taking and both is not always pretty!99 2
Find it first then say you love me! peace pastorsvoice!


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