Sunday, June 16, 2013





















In today’s world the bills of rights is just a piece of paper why no ones has it! Freedom of speech is not here yes you can’t say what you want in the place where no ones at but not every where in the USA! OK WATCH THIS! If you don’t like how the powers to be is don’t thing you better not say any thing jail will be your home or dead in the river!People think when they vote they have a voice your voice is only when you agree with the power to be! To be killed for what you said tell me what good it did you are dead and your voice is no more! Just a recording of what was said not what need to be said now! You only have the right to follow not to lead heck the president do not have power to lead he is all ways told by house and senate what they like and don’t like! And they will strike down anything that don’t go their way!We sit here a say the land of the free right?OK I’m free to say this freedom comes with a price and many men and women died for that each day so me and you can sit on our butts and say what we don’t have! Why  everybody can’t be on top somebody tells and another follow. The one who tells is in control the one who follow do just that follow! Now it piss me off how much we as people disagree about stuff that don’t mean shit! And all it takes is for one to just say ok you are right! But no because we fell we have the right to say any thing most hurt us and never help us! Just stop for a minute and think just how free you really is!

This is us as people so afraid to be really free we rather for some one to hold us back then to free us why so many don’t know what to do with freedom if it kicked them in their azz! Ok I know this is close to home but watch this why can’t we just accept each other for what we believe and live no soon as the power to be see that you is not them then they try to change you or make you change by killing all that believe the way you do and if there is nobody to teach you in life  then you take on their life that is teach to you! Peep this! If I stop you from thinking and think for you then you will be just like I want you to be right? Well most teach you what they want you to be not who or what they are! Because they don’t even like who they are! Freedom is not free it’s earned! Respect come from understand one life not trying to change it but deal with it! WHY OH WHY EVERY TIME WE GO IN A COUNTRY WE TRY TO PUT OUR WAY AND VALUES ON THEM AND TRY TO FIX WHAT WORKED FOR THEM ALL THEIR LIFE! My last words love me for me my good and bad my high and my lows why that’s me and you can’t change who I am! Because if you do then I’m not the man who I was born to be! peace pastorsvoice!

                                            BE YOU AND ONLY YOU! NOT A ROBOT!   


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