Friday, June 14, 2013



                                  TRUE GANGSTERS NOT FAKE AZZ RAP ARTIST!

This is a TRUE prediction of what life is in the city. We live like this each day never knowing what the outcome made me to live and to die was a daily routine now this is just a look inside of my life when I was young we did drugs and hang out in the streets  all night. At that time I didn’t care cocaine that I was on told me to get you before you get me and in that life there was no tomorrow we had each other back and no one went down alone.Life wasn’t as bad as they say it is because there was love among us. Yes we robbed a lot stole a lot but at the end of the day when I ate you ate many look for all the good story but this is a true story on how you live your life in the city never knew my father and my mother was hardly home all I had was my brothers in the gang we had nothing but each other in my back and I had their back but that when I was young now that I’m older and wiser I see all that I needed somebody to love me love is a powerful weapon and if you don’t have it life can be really hard so take this advice family is everything that you got stick close learn from the older ones that is trying to keep you out of trouble because trouble is easy to get into but hard to get out of yes I spent time behind bars but I learned my lesson having a wife and kids made me realize that all that I will doing just hurt someone else family

Now many may look at these pictures and say that these are bad people but once you get to know them you will understand your lifestyle don’t judge a book by its cover because only inside the book you just might find that you have something in common with them so as you read this blog just remember this they are people too just trying to get by this life that this city have to offer!
peace pastorsvoice! And these is not your fake azz rap artists that rap about a fake azz life that they never had!


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