Are you afraid of the dark?








Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are you afraid of the dark?






Are you scared of the dark? Now this right here that you see in this picture makes people like me don’t like dark rooms. Okay this blog is not for you who is not afraid of the dark! This blog is for the chicken hearted like me! See how not afraid of the dark I’m just afraid of what I feel in the dark the hair on the back of my neck stands up and thoughts raced through my on what’s is in this room. All that feels just like me you know that a dark room is our enemy no lights no go!

See seems like this should not be scary but to the ones that is afraid of the dark see pictures like this makes a person think why is I’m out here too many things happens in pictures like this we seen too many movies where people get killed in things like this okay just my phobia but crazy stuff happens to those who think they are so bad azz! Okay you say It’s all in my mind but you can’t tell me what I feel tell my eyes to tell my mind that they are playing tricks on Convince my heart that there is nothing wrong and tell my knees to stop knocking! Give me light or liberty to run is to live to stay is to die now you choose which ones is you? Every scary movie has a smart person that knows when to run but all the brave ones Jason always kills.

OK you go first and I’ll see you on the out side because my scary azz would have never went in the first place! Be brave and get your azz killer don’t worry! OH you can’t why your azz is dead! NOPE NOPE NOPE not me give me some light so I can see what the hell is out there! peace pastor’svoice!


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