rape is not a laughing matter



Sunday, June 9, 2013

rape is not a laughing matter!

Rape is a sick and twisted action that weak people perform that’s hurts many people Most who do it feel like that It’s nothing to them they just talk about it and brag about it like the person that they did that to was nothing we here in this world have no love at all! All we have in this world is how to hurt, kill and take things from one another the sad thing about this is if you kill someone their pain is over but when you rape someone their pain is for a lifetime.

People figure that they can do what they want when they want and how they want but to me this is very wrong! How can we live with our selfs when we know what’s right and what’s wrong see I am speaking from the heart because I know how it feel to be on both sides I know how I feel to be rape and I know how It feel to rape someone!

Now let me clear up that raping someone thing! We all was young and dumb I was about 13 and me and some of the friends of mine attack and rape a friend girl of the block at all it was over I felt bad until the next day when she came back for us to do it again No that don’t justify the first time all it is saying that I can talk about this now this is going to be close to home and I am ashame to say but  my own brother did the same to me so I know how it feels! This blog goes out to all the victims that got to live their life in pain and dysfunction that most of us never get over. This is very hard for me here I’m 50 years old and can still remember the horror and pain that my life threw! Last but not least look at the following picture and tell me how you feel! Peace pastorsvoice>



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