family are there any more!



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Family is there anymore?


 Today many people try to see how their family is so dysfunctional in This world people drive to get along but they don’t. This is a look into my family. There was never no love we all was put against one another to see who was the best and at any given day someone was going to be tried just to see who can get on each other nerves now being that I was the baby I had to fight all three people I don’t understand when family can’t function as a family unit? It was a very chaotic environment we had a shoot out in the house crazy molester stayed in house a lot of drunks stayed around the house and life was a hell when I was growing up. At the age of six my brother and his girlfriend made me and her little sister have sex just like they were doing at the age of nine was made to smoke weed and it was so funny to them when I had got high and began to do stupid things many days we wasn’t allowed to go outside many days we had a fight off all the perverts and many days mama was not home. Growing up was really bad in the city because there was never no love you had to get tough or get run over sex and drugs and alcohol were the best bang! We  had to fight and shoot with guns against each other when it was a everyday thing in my house. But I write this blog not feel sympathy just to let you know how dysfunctional some families are if you love your children then train them up in the right way that they won’t charge their children for the things that you did. We blame so much on our life but when all we had and learn from was our family members. So next time you look at that Child and say you remind me of your no good daddy. Just think of all the damage you are doing to that child. All days wasn’t bad when you got on the right side of the family many days we walked through the house and didn’t say one word to each other and it looks could kill we all will be dead! Now you look at Al Bundy family and you laugh but this is just a show to make you laugh but in real life there is nothing funny about a dysfunctional! peace pastorsvoice!

Don’t fall in this like we did but just remember that your kids need a good role model!


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