can I borrow someting but won’t give back

Today people will borrow anything milk, bread, salt,your wife your car and never give stuff back now if you ask me for money I don’t look for it back now that’s just me I know some will say you fool.Well if you think that crazy listen at these two times some one ask to borrow some thing! First one we was at home on a day that I was chilling out side and my neighbor came and sat down and started to talk to me he was telling me how bad he was having it this happens a lot in the hood and at first I felt bad for him until he went there! Where? This dude had the nerve to asks me to borrow a jug of water! WTF? A jug of water then he pulled out his cell phone and a pack of cigarettes and a big bag of weed! And he rolled a blunt me and my son looked at each other in amazement we ask just to be sure we heard right. Did you say you want to borrow a jug of water? He said yes my water has been turn off and I don’t know when I can get it back on. Then someone from the block was going to the store and he called them over and ask if they will bring him a beer. And this azz wipe pull out a knot of money and sent the person to the store. So you should know me by what you have already read in my blogs. My mouth got bold I said how can you sit here  talk on the phone smoke your cigs and weed send to the store for beer and can’t pay you water bill he said this is my re-up money and I need to re-up my weed so I said no you need to drink and wash hell no you can’t get a drop of piss from me! He got mad and say stop tripping! Yes I was tripping my azz in the house to make sure no one give the leach a glass of water!

Second one we was in burger king and there was a man that all day every day come threw and ask every one to borrow a dollar he looked dirty and and smell real bad you will think he had nothing so my friend 

was just picking he told the man I don’t have a dollar but if you got change for a ten then I will give you a dollar. Well this old stank azz dude surprise us all he did the dumbest thing I ever seen this man went in his

pocket and pull out a roll of money and count out nine one dollars and look at my boy and said here is nine give me the ten! Now this man made a fool out of us some many days by giving him a dollar when his azz had money! See this is how people is they keep theirs and spend yours!


    Why the hell you would go and know you don’t have money to spend? but the last will tell it all peace pastor’svoice!


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