don’t get it twisted!



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

don’t get it twisted!


More and more time we under estimate the one we think is not on our level.Well this spit is for you! So what I don’t react the way you think. That don’t make me weak or that I don’t know what’s up most of the time I just don’t want to drop to your level or full fill some sick or twisted mind set that strokes your stupidity level!  I’m right or by in to your reverse thinking that you think will trap me! Ok play that game but this one you will lose this game. Why some times you go to far and get so careless that you forget that I made the book on to mess up that’s why I’m with you! People take kindness for weakness but when I’m at my lowest then I’m at my best how? Because I’m not on your level I think at a higher pace then you because you is still on that same bull that got you trapped in your lie the first place so you lie to cover your lie that did not fit the first place! You think that you can out smart everyone but you met you match here! And by the time you realize it Boom your azz is in a sling! And I broke the walls down on your stupid shit! And let your sorry azz know just how sorry you really are!

Money don’t make the man! The man make the money!
An you can have so much money and still be dumb as hell!
But most women go for the money not for some one who is willing to give them all that they have even if they just don’t have a lot of money to give! Now money makes the world go around right? Well if there’s no love and no trust how much money can buy that? My point is don’t get it twisted happiness comes when you be true not a fake azz person who just got money! Then you get more fake azz friends and fake azz women who just see a meal ticket! Last but not lease my mind is too deep for people who think that I’m their all day sucker! peace pastorsvoice!


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