stop trying!



Monday, June 3, 2013

stop trying!


As you look at this face you think then there are many ways to make you fine!  Some are very bad for your little opinion they say beauty is skin deep! Wow How we were very wrong when we feel that a little
cut here and a little cut their will do the trick! But these faces need to be cut everywhere! How can you Go from being so  fine to that damn nightmare who want a permanent smile? Who want their face to be stretched up and down and still come out looking a clown. Today we try so hard to look beautiful when nothing was wrong with us in the first place. Why is we sold hard trying to look young act your age and not your shoe size! Over through the years many people tried to capture the fountain of youth but sad to say that he had a bad day now we look at these faces how the doctor may disgrace a face that you could never replace the pretty lines that was on your face my old my why old why can’t you see how silly you will be if you follow these faces just buy some soap and clean your face stopped changing that what you was born with trying to be something you will never be somethings about us is unique and if we all looked same then there would be no need for individuality! So if you feel the need to cut take this advice for me cut all the bull from out your ears that you are not a beautiful person just the way you are and if you feel like you need to Change then look at the top of page and think again now. How you feel that  I lost my face you sucker! Show nuff! I see you peace pastor’svoice! P.S but don’t be caught looking like this on prom nite! Or any nite you dumb azz trick!


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