looks fun! Don’t try!



Friday, May 31, 2013

looks fun! don’t try!


Man to some summertime is let your top back and let the wind just blow threw your hair!But to the women that wear weave make sure that it is glued in tight or sowed in tight so they can’t track you by the tracks you leave behind! Now a lot of people ride bikes and do a lot of outdoors stuff and to you more power to  you! But I had one thing I thought was fun but found out I love me some top on a car! Well this is what happen!
Me and some of my white friends got together and one just got a convertible car with black interior man that was sweet and they said let’s go for a ride to the beach! Well the beach is about 79 miles form where I was and I thought it would be fun to ride with the top back. But me never figure that black on black was not a good Ideal when you had 79 miles of hot road sun beaming down on you in stop and go traffic these seats was leather black and I was in the back! with white shirt and pants on oh boy bad ideal! Man I turn  two shades blacker then  I was! And sweat was in places that sweat did not need to be! But the time we got to the beach between the seat shine that was on the seat and my sweat that white was not white no more and the sweat made me look like I had pissed my self and the wind dry the piss in! But I can’t see the back of my pants it had brown rings in them like I had the runs and crap in my pants! Now in front it looked like I piss my self and in the back looked like I had doo-doo in my pants! But before I knew all this man I knew I was the shit! But really I looked liked I had shitted!  Now I know how huggy bear felt when he got out if jail on I”M going to get you sucker when he had the fish bowls shoes on people was pointing and giggling at him.People was doing the same thing to me  and I thought they was saying that’s the shit! No they was saying he shit! People at bar said to me don’t you think you had enough to drink? And I don’t drink I was wondering why until one of my friends said let’s go shopping to get you some shorts! And I said why what’s wrong with the pants I got on they go with my shirt! Then he said laughing they and said your pants
left with your shirt long time ago and took me to the restroom and showed my how it looked like I piss and doo-doo on my self! Look to the dark skin black people I mean no harm but don’t ride in a car with black seats and wear white clothes when It’s 99 degrees in the sun with the top down it works for some but not for us! peace pastorvoice!


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