Wednesday, May 29, 2013
E-mail V.S facebook V.s Googleplus and the winner is?
Well today is the first day that I ever ever just sat down and read E-mails. Why man I hated to just sit dowm and read! If it had no pictures then it had no me! But When I found Google plus oh my bad Google plus was never lost! Then I started to type on my daughter’s laptop hell I fell in love! Man for a long time I just type word and laugh at what came back until the ones I develop a bond with left! Then I was a unknown on it with people who just like to disagree with anything azz holes! So I started to blog and to be honest I didn’t knew what the hell I was doing! I was just typing stuff and no one gave a rats azz about what I posted ! And now after 7684 hits I’m still a rookie at this! You don’t know what people read and don’t read but I know this I never read an e-mail before to day! Why They are all ways trying to sell a broke azz man like me to buy something they don’t need but wanted because they don’t really know what it did but because it’s new and seems to make us more lazy we buy it! Like this dragon software I brought I don’t have a damn clue at what I’m doing but I know one thing it piss’s me off when I say one thing and it types something that never came out my mouth! So Ive’ learn that all this is for people who know what they are doing or someone who wants to learn! Well I hated school because in every day life most of the stuff you learn there never got used! I learned history and never been off the east coast! So why was it so important to pass something that never ever got used? Now we have become so updated that most of the tech stuff you have to have a PHD in how does this work to ever get the thing to start! OK I know that what school is for but listen to this! My life was based around how much you can drink,smoke,screw,fight and talk trash! Now no class in my school teach that!Now I’m a lost man trying to catch up with a world that we was told was against us! Now watch this on facebook everyone is so damn fake it’s crazy! False pictures of them self out living it up when they get home lights,water ,cable ,gas ,food is cut off but they had a real good time! Now who is really against who? All ways trying to out do one or another! Well to have nothing is hard but to be something you are not is most hardest why all you have that is real is invested in a fake azz person who when it’s money is gone no one like you no more! See all three gives you false hopes of being something you are not! My advice is try just talking to people face to face and just be who you are! And if you thing you are the ugliest person on your block just move around you will find someone more uglier than you promise you will! peace pastorsvoice!


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