NO plan man



Monday, May 27, 2013

no plan man!


No plans sometimes is a great thing! To lay back and just do nothing! Now this gets on the nerves of them that think you must do something all the time! Why can we just take one minute stop fighting stop being a pain in the neck stop balls busting stop judging and see how good it is to just do nothing! But if I’m chilling then I’m doing something right? OK let’s look into this to do nothing is really not true nothing is something unless it physical right? Now if you have nothing then it mean nothing so why the hell if I say I’m doing nothing today some smart azz will say that’s not true! See I figure If I want to do nothing why would you turn it in to something just to prove that you are smart OK smart azz watch this! Nothing is only something when it’s you! Oh now you want to something when you are nothing! See to be free to sit my butt down and not move out that spot until my belly said it’s food time see my belly talks to me you who’s belly’s don’t talk well you just retarded! Having no plans is my way of saying GTFO and  leave me the hell alone! No taking out trash no feeding the dogs no keeping bad as grandchildren and no putting up with your stupid azz family that don’t know how to shut the hell up! Just me time-wanner flat screen a glass of my favorite drank and chair or even bed for a few now if you want to join me sit down and don’t ask me to do anything! Why I have no plans of doing anything but chill! Hey if my butt or gut don’t bother me why should you? But nooo most can’t stand when you just sit back and chill one of them is that damn boss-man! You can set in your mind that no work today and he will say something stupid like go home! Heck I should have never move but tomorrow I will work hard to come and get my pay check! Watch this you could be getting ready to wind down and some mood breaker will come and just stay the hell right there in the room until they kill the mood then say see ya latter now he or she is gone and you can’t get that I don’t give a funk mood back! Listen take it from me when you say I don’t have plans to do nothing! Write down these tips( 1) don’t answer the phone or door (2) send all away who don’t want to chill (3)never get up for nothing get all before(4)get butt naked and fart as loud as you can to see if the toilet calls before you sit down!NOW THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT!(5) if you got a lady or man chillin out with you make their azz your waiter and work the hell out of them why you are NO PLAN MAN AND THIS IS YOUR DAY! NOW GO AND PUT YOUR OWN AZZ IN THE DOG HOUSE! SO YOU CAN’T HEAR SLEEP IN THE OTHER ROOM! HECK I PUT MY OWN AZZ IN THE DOG HOUSE NOW WHAT! OK NOTHING IS JUST AS IT SAYS NOTHING!peace pastorsvoice!


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