school from hell



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

school from hell!

Now to all that has pride in their college well here’s one that you would say WTF? Man this place is called Florence Darlington tech in Hartsville.Now the one in Florence is banging this one in flo-town has all the marks of a school but the one in Hartsville ghetto central this place is there to just get your grants! Not to give you what you need to be a force in this world! Why my child picked this one is yours and mine best guess so we went to this grant getter and first thing I notices that every one was late classes start at 8:00 oclock and the one who is over the place pulls up then the teacher pulls up and they stay outside and just talk like no car was in the parking lot! All of us was just sitting in parking lot waiting for these azz wipes to go the hell in so when they did go in they lock the door and said wait until we get thing up and running! Kiss my stupid azz in the crack! All other colleges are on point they at lease act like they know what the hell they are doing But these people don’t have a clue of a college but they say they have degrees in what how to be a dumb azz! Heck they got a master degree in stupidity! This place is in the middle of the hood and me I would have never ever went here but this is all that they have in our area! And this is the hope that is left! A dirty old pisses place that get really good grant money from the state and all the Federal grants that they get but where in the hell is the professional people! Not here to all the people who can help me on this one what the different between a technical college and college?   Listen same college different cities! This is the different People the way you live will show I don’t care what you give them the way they live will show !Now most think when I said ghetto Black or Latino or Mexicans when you say trailer trash you think redneck or when you say very up scale you think white but I said  ghetto so you think Black heck no the ones running this place is white and I know you would not think that this place would be so nasty! But that show you all races has slack nasty lazy don’t want nothing will not take care of a damn thing people! So walk in my shoes awhile and see why I say school from hell! peace pastorsvoice

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