don’t bring my high down!








Monday, May 20, 2013

don’t bring down my high!





Life gives you a high that you can’t get from any drug! Just to laugh at stuff gives you a high that make your gut jump! Well most stuff will suck the life right out of you like when you see someone digging in their butt right in front of you! Or Blowing their nose at a restaurant that you are eating in man right across from you! Now that just sucks the fun right out of the night! Now look at that poor baby it’s was so happy until she jump on! Now all that baby see is azz! Did any one just started to talk to you and their breath was so stank that you just wonder how their lover ever kiss them? I used to get high on drugs and hated when someone came and killed my high! One of the most high killers are the COPS! Man when that blue light come on no matter how high you is it’s a buzz killer! Sometime I think they do it on purpose just to make you scared! And why does it work every time! You could be driving good until you see one of them! Then you fell just like that poor child all I see now is my azz in jail with someone who love when you drop the soap! He’s a nasty nate the booty getter.  Just think if you had to kiss them lips in top picture! Now just look here’s another one if you azz need to be scratch then you left some left over in there! Or go wash your Azz!

Now this is a show stopper to see some one in a pair of cute panties and what is in the panties make you say WTF? SEE SOME THINGS NEED NOT TO BE SAID! But how would you feel if this was your mate? SEXY RIGHT! MAN A TIGHT FIT TO BE IN  TIGER STRIP! SO SEXY! PEACE!

PASTORSVOICE UP AND AT IT! Now porn That you butt lovers!


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