weird azz meeting!



Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weird azz meeting


Weird  weird weird this describe the new people my wife took me to! Well my wife has a friend who invited her to come to a cook out and my wife who work with her said ok this is a good way for us to meet new people so me being me didn’t want her to be mad very against my will I said yes! So we get dress and pull up to the lady house it looked alright and I was glad that I got out the house now we see people come out the house and this 6foot about 9 inches 298 pound man that had muscle in his knuckles and he looked at us like who the hell are you! So me trying to fit in I speak and he just nod and said what’s up at that time my wife friend invite us in the big muscle man went on a lawnmower that had no muffler on it and start to cut the hell out out the grass in high gear! He was wide open flying around this yard this big man on a little lawnmower was funny but I said nothing but laugh like hell on the inside so we go in and there was a bunch of nappy nappy weave wearing women that head was so nappy that the weave had grown in their head now I know you are looking at the picture and wondering why chainsaws this woman is holding! Well we will get to it! So this other dude came from the back with a big pint of gin and sit down across from me and started to drink the pint I thought some one else was going to help him drank but but he was drinking it like it was a soda! He started to pick at one of the nappy headed lady but he was right her head was tore up and she looked like she weighted 250 pound and had skinny girls clothes on! Bad BAd BAD  start! So the man wipe out the yard  and me and the one who just drunk a pint all by him self went out  so this dude ask my name and started to talk man I wish I had never talk this man! He started by saying he killed some one with his bear hands he said it felt good to croak someone how good it felt to put his dick beaters around their neck so I laugh it off like it was not weird! Why did I ever think this was weird! Now this is when it get very weird this man went to a old car and pullout three things that do not I said do not think they go together! He pulled out A two gallon bottle of gin and two chainsaws! I said in my mind WTF? Now remember this the one I came out with just drank a pint by him self and was still walking! So the muscle man started to cook on the grill and he was giving me meat straight off the grill this meat was hot as hell but my eyes was on what the hell was he going to do with the chainsaws? So they jumped on that poor 2 gallon bottle of gin and the more they drank the more he went to grab the chainsaws oh he called them his toys! A freaking chainsaw is a toy! I don’t think so! Well the two gallon was gone and now three beers and a bottle of hard lemonade went down his throat! Now chainsaws come on he was swinging these thing around like he was in a woods! And the weirdest thing he stop and came to me and said I like when these chainsaws hit flesh! OH HELL NO TIME TO GO! This man said he like when they kill animals and cut them up with the chainsaws and put the in a 6 foot hole and cover them with lime! At this time put yourself in my shoes! What would you do? It’s your very first time you ever ever seem this man Now you do the math! peace pastorsvoice! look down this is my thought!


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