Freedom A secret drug!



Friday, May 17, 2013

Freedom a secret drug!


Freedom what a good thing to say but just read this for a few and see what I see to be free is to take on responsibility that you never had to worry about. See when you was young the lights and water and rent was due. You did not worry about it because it was not your time see you was free of that but you said to your self I can’t wait until a get out this house because they get on my nerve! But now it’s the light, water and rent that is on your nerves! See freedom is a two sided sword that cut both ways it’s has a good point and a bad point  first the good! See when you are free you make your own way in your freedom and It’s great when you make the right choices! You can go as you please do as you please  and in the right mind that’s good too! For one that is into it! To buy you own car and to stay out as long you want to and especially when you can see who you want to. Man that’s freedom! Freedom is so cool! So why is so many so unhappy? When you get what you want you still is not satisfied until you dig your self into so much false dreams that none come true! You eat what you buy and if you don’t want it you throw it away! Why that’s your freedom to do with what you have heck if you feel like it you can take a dump in the middle of the flood and don’t clean it up until  it become a hard rock of doo-doo that when people come in they ask why would you by a fake piece of shit and put it in the middle of floor? But it’s your freedom to fool everyone until your dog eat it and lick you in the mouth in the morning! And you realize that your doo-doo is gone then the dog freedom is in jeopardy! Or check this out no one is fighting you for the toilet! Oh the love of being free! But hear are the bad The new car you got the payment came due and you took two day’s off work and your check don’t cover what you need lights is due and that damn landlord is at the door when he know I have the freedom to stay as long as I pay Oh I didn’t pay yet heck that’s my freedom to pay when I want to right? No so where is the freedom in that or when the one you love don’t love you but is using you for you got house,water,lights and food and sex! No one can stop you you free demon! Freedom without rules is not freedom its a bus crash in the middle of time square with the N.Y yellow cab fleet involved! Your freedom is some one hell! Now let me finish before you come with your not true! Mothers and fathers worry how my baby is doing and that’s hell when you don’t call or never look back when your freedom is giving! But ask your self how free is you? When some one else is harm by your freedom! Some take freedom and cause so much pain when they steal kill and destroy some one else stuff so look at picture below and tell me what you think! Smile you are free!


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