can I bum a cigarette












Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can I bum a cigarette/





Hey there was a time in my life where most people smoked but never had a pack to smoke out they all ways came and said can I get a smoke? We made a phrase to say to them listen! ” The Camel walks the Eagle flies you know you smoke why won’t you buy?” We had it bad a pack of smokes never last you when more than you are smoking out of it. Now I know you ones who came from good neighborhoods did not have this to deal with. But where I am from most smoked and all did not have money to buy and you had the ones that have  pockets full of dope money but never had a cigarette. Now this is the worst bum of all the one that seems to smell when you light a joint up back then we called them joints but now it’s blunts! These leaches all ways come and bum a drank out of you beer or say buy me a beer or smoke as long as you smoke and when they get ready to leave say give me one for the road because when I wake up and eat I need something to smoke. We had bums of all walk of life big ones little one stank one and pretty one but they had one thing in common they was bums! They bum so much that you hide you stuff until they leave and some got smart they would come right back and catch you and say I thought you said you didn’t have any thing! Man we had them so bad that they would come to your house and ask if they can borrow your T.V to see a show that’s coming on why their T.V stay in the shop! Man hate to go to club why some one who is a bum got in by bumming a dollar off some one and all night long bum drinks and then bum a ride to get home and they for some reason had the finest girl that would do anything for their bumming azz! Just anyone can’t be good at bumming as these! Why they came from a bumming family! Yes a whole family of bums! Just throw a party and see how long your beer and liquor last and to my amazement they never get drunk! Drank and bum all day and still walk home now that’s a pro at bumming! First of the they be out in droves! Now they get a check but own it all out by bumming all month long! Now days the bum has evolved to a crack head and their skills has change too! One time long ago they  always bum now they sale you your stuff back that they stole when they was at your house! Need some pampers for your kid go to a crack head he got the ones that you thought your sister stole from you for that bad azz kid of hers! No not sis but the new bum A crackhead and they is not only black no more they make up the rainbow and good at what they do! peace pastorsvoice!

Damn you are good those are my new ports see no hands! just a tidy!  


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