cable tv bull













Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cable T.V bull!




Now to all that love cable TV I got one question how much damn reruns can we watch hell HBO,Show time starzs,Tmc,and cinemax!They charge you to see what you saw in the 80’s most of their programing was program when I was young hell I’m 50 now a fast time at ridge mount high is still on there we pay starting from $114.00 for basic cable and on Monday the same damn shows is still on Friday now I love me some law and order but I have seen all of them and have no choice because every day it’s in the line up! How many shopping channels we need? Don’t talk about news Jodi Ares was prime time on CNN hell if you shot a man then stab him all those times and cut his throat hell Stevie Wonder can see that you killed him! Not only that our COPS now got their own shows on how many time they stop a car But can’t stop a man from beating and killing his whole family and get lost in Mexico! Talk shows man they just talk to damn much we know that he’s not your baby daddy when you done had ten other guys on saying that they was your baby daddy! Night time is the worst the history channel don’t show no more history they got swamp people catching gators and pawn stars now if they had Porn stars heck I will tune in! Can you tell me what does a old barn in a field some where you never heard of to find junk? Just go to a junk yard it specialize in junk that’s why it’s called A JUNK YARD! Now this is one of the good one;s bridezilla Heck just don’t marry that can’t please heifer and why would you if she act like that before you get hitch think how big of a pain she will be after you say I do! Now one of the most biggest kids watch channel Disney It’s bad when my nine year old say’s I seen that when I was four years old all that money that they make you can show a line up or something new in five years? The looney tunes is still funny still to this day but poor Dora could not grow up when she did no one liked her so what they did went back to the old ones not trying to just make a new one why we are still paying big money to see the old one. Now to see some one wipe out or bust their azz by doing something so stupid hey they got that the only problem is every show play the same clip on some one getting mess up by trying to fit your big azz in something that a skinny person will not get in! OK cable TV act just like dish and direct TV. they go out when it rain or a little wind blow! But all is trying to get your money! Tell me cable TV is bad BUT the big three is worst not to have cable is a lost but to have only the three networks get ready to know that at day you will see the same show and some times you can see the same show twice a day! Now the internet you can’t beat! Dial up sucks really bad! If it’s so bad Eddie why when it get cut off you miss it so bad? Well when your car suck you still drive it don’t you? So let me wine why I still have it and still watch it why Hell I pay for TV and TV I WILL SEE! But still I WANT NEW I WANT NEW TV SAY IT WITH ME I WANT NEW TV see you don’t like to read but you do! peace pastorsvoice Remember we want new TV!


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