cutting the mustard!








Friday, May 10, 2013

cutting the mustard!



Ok I know this is gross! But some one got to say it! Why the hell went you get on a elevator and somebody fart all acted like they don’t smell it no one will say who cut the mustard or blue cheese alert! No they will stand there with high class azz on it and act like nothing wrong! Ok lets get one thing straight It’s don’t matter how fine you are or how slim you are or how good looking you are your azz fart! And why ladies act like they don’t or when they do they will say something so stupid like excuse me I made a smelly! No you farted! And that stinks! Yes most proper people will say I got gas! What gas station give you fuel that smells like that? See this happen to me as I was in the court house to pay one thing that as long as you live you must do whether you want to or not PAID TAXES! So I got on the elevator With clerks,attorneys And police men so I felt out of place to start with and when the door closed someone put out a silent one that smelled up the elevator and all of them was acting like they did not smell it! So me with my big mouth said dog someone is stank and rotten! So all those high class people looked at me like I said something wrong! So me being me I said that’s someone who have no manners! And then the cop said keep your opinion to your self! So I waited until the door open and before the people who was on the floor that I got off at got on I said they be farting in there beware! And the people did not get on that one! Now that I’m home and on my laptop I can say my opinion! Some stank azz person needed to check their drawers or panties! Because they was rotten And to that cop that say keep your opinion to your self you is nothing but a fart sniffer! Sorry to say this but I’m in the south and this is still here A black man in an elevator with white people making a scene That’s jail time to start with no matter if you are right! To me I say if you blow it then own it right? Don’t just act like your fart don’t stank! This is what pretty girls say and I tell them stop lying heifer you stank! But this is the worst one of all when you fart and put it on the dog! And when you are asked you say the dog did it! Most may say that’s wrong to put it on the dog but the dog can put out some powerful ones it’s self and then look at you like it’s saying WHAT WHAT I DON’T SMELL NOTHING! That’s when I kick his azz out of the room! Don’t get me wrong we all do it all I say is don’t acted like you don’t smell it when it happen just laugh it off and say my stomach was boiling and I couldn’t hold it we who have a mind will understand but you will be called stank azz or say check you tightie whiteies or you got to have a highway down you drawers! I know most won’t talk about it well heck I’m not most I’m the one And if you don’t like it next time you are in a mall or store and walk down the isle and you smell a fart keep your mouth close because you don’t like to talk about it you old fart sniffer! You love when the blue cheese is giving out bet you smell the seat of trains buses and cars to just smell a fart! peace pastorsvoice!


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