Get shorty out of jail








Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get shorty out of jail!




Help me get shorty out of jail! We need to posted his bond! Most places don’t know shorty but in the hood where all his boys are shorty is most wanted! They show him no respect! When they post bail they treat him like a dog! See I met shorty in my teenage years! And he was one bad moe foe! I seen him hit a big man and make him fall out! He just treat a pretty lady like she is not nothing! When we party everyone want shorty to come well who is this shorty? Heck a half of pint of liquor! This guy has many names! In my hey day everyone wanted GIN! The cheaper the better then we could get his twin to out of jail! Oh jail is the ABC store! See he sit in jail all week and on Friday we was bailing him out! And some one is going to acted up or acted like shorty was on board! You might call him something else. But where I was from shorty was the man and his cousin mad dog 20/20! Many of us lost all our food to him! He took us on a ride that made some fight each other that night and was bested of friends the next day! Heck shorty made your breath smell like you suck the bottom of the bottle! If some one smoke be careful your lips will go up in flames! And moonshine or stump hole was the head banger! All knew we Mr stump hole was in control! You mouth smelled just like your butt! But we was so cool that we could hang with them and be a bunch of azz wipes! And any ones tried to tell us other wise we call them gut busters! Why gut buster because my gut was on fire and they bust it with stupidity of don’t drank to late you gut buster I’m all ready drunk! To you who never drank well good for you! But we got shorty out and he was our friend that made us think we was on top of the world! See some can’t tell you what they want to until shorty come in then they can tell you what’s on their mind!And if you got mad then shorty made me do it! Women made shorty out to be why they gave up the booty! But they still hang with him the next weekend! See lord Calvert pull me out a car and threw me in a ditch with my curly kit in my head Oh you don’t know what a curly kit is? A curly kit is what you used when your head is so nappy and pea-zey that a comb would break when they comb your hair! But when you get that perm or curly kit your hair look like you have some Indian in your family! That what we said when we had good smooth hair! But you didn’t stopped there you got jell that was so greasy that when the wind blow whats in the air stuck to your head! So lord Calvert ditch me and put all that sand and trash in my curly kit! Then he punch me in my stomach and made me puke all over my self and they took me home to mother and she beat me back to my self and from then on shorty stayed in jail! But this new kid that was from another country came in and her name was weed or mar- gee want- her mary jane! And my life change! To all shorty is a wanted man look below! peace pastorsvoice


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