Private investigator



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

private investigators



Hey all that remember Kojak,Cannon,Magnum p.i,Rockford files where you seen these people just go ham and never losing a case! Like Perry mason how they just get all the facts and bust the bad guys! Well there are two new P.I’s and they are damn good! First Lets get this straight the old ones it did not cost nothing and now it cost not just jail but your car your pay check your tax refund and yes your freedom! First let show how car is first we have a new P.I call title loans yes title loans now how the hell can I say Title loans well listen to this a preacher was doing a funeral at the church and when they got in the funeral car and left to go to grave site and put the man in the ground and they came back to the church his car was gone! He was lost he just knew some one pulled a bad prank! But it was not a prank they found the church and took his car now who will take a car from a church A title loan will they will find a car no matter where it is! And the bad thing about it most of the time you don’t owe no more than $500 or $600 dollars and they sell them for 2to3 thousands of dollars and you still have a debt to pay after they made a profit! And they are real good at that you ask me how I know well when in my early years as being a cab driver my car had needed a motor so I took all that I had and got one then my transmission went out so I got a loan for $468 dollars and no matter how much I made my payment I still owed $468 dollars all I paid was interest not the principal. So one day I went in cab stand and sit down 30 minutes pass and I got a call so when I went out there was no cab! Brand new motor and transmission! was gone! And I still have a $468 dollar debt! This is a good scam! But it’s legal you owe and can’t pay you lose your car that is three times more than the loan! But that’s one this is a better one Child-support! These people will find you when they can’t find a terrorists or a killer or a bail jumper! But a dead beat dad your busted! They will go to the north pole and get your azz and make you pay the court their $4.10 for court cost on $15.00 a week now how in the hell $15.00 can take care of a child? And we know that if you bang you win a baby! But this is my point! How can you find a dead beat dad off Facebook but can’t read someone who will bomb a race and talk about it! This just blows me You will sit and set a man up for a $5.00 bag of weed but you can’t stop some nut that put all his act on Facebook and then the next day go and kill kids in school. The new P.I is far from the ones I knew and trusted! You be the judge and see how it’s all about how much money we can get! So beware how can you get a loan for all your check in a week when you are already a week behind? How can you catch up you can live off what you have and if you don’t have it you don’t need it right now ok? Look down at picture and you be the judge! peace pastorsvoice!


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