toilet therapy

, April 27, 2013

toilet therapy !


Hey it’s me again this makes the best therapy that you can own you don’t need appointment no body to give you the play game you know you walk in and some azz wipe who’s job is to hold you up so the doctor can finish shooting the bull with the people in back or two waiting rooms just to make you think that they are on time when you get there first all money is talked about and where is your cards to pay for it then they take you in back to a second waiting room to watch TV and talk to some one who on the street won’t give you the time of day! Then you get to go to your room and wait some more! And when you leave you still feel like crap because all he did ask a few question and gave a few pieces of paper to drive more to just wait on some one who is not glad to see you why it’s more work! Well I got a answer take it to the toilet! Yes the “John” why think of how much relief this lovely thing gives you! As you see in the beginning it was hot smelly and made of wood but we came a long way baby just look how cool it looks man it’s made of gold! Ok you don’t get it listen what makes you be so glad to get to it when you are push? What wait on you and not you on it? What is the best thing to puke in? When number 1 or 2 comes to the for front what is ready not you hand not the kitchen neither the bed room will please you! But when you stand in front of it or sit on it the feeling makes you say ahhh! Listen we should give this thing a degree in helping solving a major problems! Now many take this thing so lightly but in morning late at night and all thru the day you go to it and give it your problem and it solve it! Man we need to make a day of celebration to honor it for it’s years of this country service! Never ever back down from a job that nothing else want to do! It will choke it self just for your relief man this they have went to battle to get rid of the un-wanted  can you ask more? Ok this thing goes both ways your face or butt can fit so good! Heck it got so advance that most will never stop getting rid of and thing you put in it’s way! Stop treating it like it is the last thing on this earth man it’s better than slice bread! Some is so quiet that you never hear it coming! Some make you dance before you get to it! Boy it’s man best friend move over dog there’s a new friend in town and every one love it and every one has at lease one of them! Well next time you think of killing your self go sit down and talk to it heck every shrink need to throw out the chair or couch and get one in it’s place sit the people down on it and talk and see how calming it can be or give them a book and see how long they stay there! Ok last but not lease if you are drunk out your mind you can go to sleep on it now what bed? What you have to say now? This need to catch on and every one that has one hug and talked to it one time or another most told it I’ll never do this again! And swear that no more if you just stop me and make me feel better and what happen you feel better THE TOILET KING OF PORCELAN!PEACE PASTORSVOICE

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