blowing a chance!

, April 27, 2013

blowing a chance!


Ok this is a topic that needs to be address! How we blow so many chances to get one thing right what is that one thing LIFE! Oh boy we are so good at making a mess of things but is so poor of getting them right! Love we mess it up your friends we blow the trust family we just over look that we are family jobs we do stupid things to get fired wet dreams we can’t get dry! And some times we mess up by not just shutting the hell up we talk ourselves into shit that we never wish to happen watch men make babies with women and know that they do want to take care of them women get a good man and just dog him out and we wonder why is it that when we do get it right we can’t handle it! So here’s a plan just slip out the back jack make a new plan Stan no need to be coy Roy just listen to me hop on the bus gus don’t need to discuss much drop off the key lee and set your self free! Oh that’s 50 ways to leave your lover! Ok let’s try this go to his face grace chop him in the neck beck bust her in the knee Steve poke him in his eye why so he can’t see punch her is her gut rush no need to run son because jail you be see! No that don’t work ok one more chance to get this right! Don’t you tarry Carrie because you lied to Larry and did not get marry why you slept with Jerry who was really Shirley kick him oh I mean her ok them in the nuts oh he no I mean she ok they don’t have nuts made balls hell no that not all WTF. We all is a mess up chance blowing nation that has no chance of getting another chance to get the chance right! Forget it man screw like rabbits and blow all that you don’t know you are blowing because if you don’t blow it then how can you mess stuff up and if you do crap out a tear in the bucket and flush it! Shit happens and we is knee deep is our own shit and we don’t need more shit to full our shit tank! Why most is full of shit or is just a piece of shit  or born by shit did I say shit I’m sorry I meant doo-doo number2 stinky stuff poo-poo bubble guts boo boo  bowel movement gut release The big bomb sorting papers taking a dump crap! See how we blow a chance this was a clean blog but now it full of shit! or coc-coc pictures of Kim kardashing did I spell her name right? See another blown chance to see how a beautiful young lady can acted like shit! Sorry to the kimie’s fans. I was until she open her mouth then all I wanted to do was bang her but so many beat me to the punch! And now she is at war with fat! Heck another blown chance she is knock up now! Bummer! She still is a fine piece of shit that can grace my toilet any time! TOT_TOT FOR NOW! peace pastorsvoice!

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