Happiness goes and comes!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happiness goes and comes!


Happiness is something every one has one time or another. Right? Well this is for the lover in you all that can dig this will smile! Let’s spit this! Happiness to gain a feeling to move and grove to a beat that make your heart skip and your hips dip! You do what normally you won’t do you go when you used to stay home the day is smooth when this is happening to you and you wish it never leave. But to the lover it’s a must to feel happy! Why Men will open doors for you they will cut their time just to make it to you they will sit and listen to you when happiness is around! No it’s not about sex when happiness is aboard. Just to make you smile or to see the way you move your hair or to hear your voice man that what’s up! Women make a man complete most will say I don’t need a woman but remember your mama was one and if she did not went nine months you will still be in your daddy nuts sack! So to happiness with a women is the joint that make us men strive so hard to have a life. Now to you who don’t like women why you act like them more than they do? I’m talking to the men that feel they don’t need a woman! You women just don’t know how much you mean to a real man that need some one to grow old with and have a family! I tilt my hat to you! Hell I’ll put my body down so your feet will not get wet on a rainy day you are a prize that never get dull! But when you leave we try to fill that space with another one that can’t fill what you left! She is what we settle with. Sure if we stay long enough we will re-gain happiness but to lose your soul mate it take a lot out of you! Most men will not own up to this they try to act hard but behind close doors they hurt like hell and miss the happiness you bring to their life! Now you will say I’m in love or he hen peck or he is soft. No I’m just what you wish you can be a Man that know his life needs a woman to make a smile in the morning when I wake up before her and look in her face and say how much she make my life and kiss her on her lips and smell her perfume and touch her soft skin man this is happiness that you can’t get when you is still a little boy and don’t know what toy he want to play with! Yeah yeah you say I don’t want a relationship go right ahead and be alone bitter and can’t trust no one but for me the pillow is not enough to keep me warm a soft good smelling tender lips curvy hips nice legs two twins man where can I begin! This is my friend my hanging partner my lover my help my reason my motivation my push my support my backbone why behind every good man there’s a damn good woman hell if no one else say I say I need you why my world is not worth living in if there was no you! To All THAT SAY NO GOD SAID IT’S NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE SO HE TOOK A RIB OUT OF HIM AND MADE WOMAN! TO KEEP HIM FROM BEING ALONE! So you can say what you will Pastorsvoice say’s thank you god for such a good idea! Woman= my happiness peace pastorsvoice! Here diamonds is the best way to say hell yeah! You are special!A BIG ONE TOO!

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