bad azz kids!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bad Azz kids!


Good day mates! Want to go on a trip? This is to all that ride a plane train bus don’t you hate when this bad azz kid is kicking the seat or just being a pain in the azz! You need to start like we are playing a game take the window out and tell them lets play a game call flip! Flip out this window and lets see how your azz hit the train and i’ll count how many times you flip! Or let’s play dive you go and ask the bus driver or plot to let you see cockpit and dive your azz out and let the bus run you over or the plane motor suck you in and brun your bad azz up! How about the ones that stick their tongues out at you hell I want to punch them in their mouth so the dentist can wire their mouth shut so they can lick it out no more I know I’ll  go to jail hell that’s what I want so I cant kick his daddy azz for putting that bad azz kid in his mother! Ok I’m a butt hole but 5 hours on the bus with a kid that his mother is so tried that she just act like she don’t see this kid taking over the bus! And when you say something to that brat she gets all offended when she knew she wanted to do the same thing to the kid but was scared of what people might say! Well I don’t care what the azz wipes say I want to get from point A to point B in one piece! This is another thing change that baby! Don’t just sit there and act like you don’t smell nothing! The baby has blown a gut buster! And everyone but you smell it! Most ladies show just how they take care of the kids at home hey everyone has a bad day and with those kids you might have more bad days they us but just think my day was good until this beast got on the bus in front of me and I just want to beat the hell out of it and make it sit its azz down! Now you think its so cute when the brat curse at someone ok give this kid 15years and see how funny it is when you wake up and this cute cussing kid is over you with a bat saying kiss my azz! Now I have kids and I know kids will be kids but when these kids don’t acted like a kids then its my turn to and like a grandparent and get that little bit! See back in the day when anyone who was old enough to be your mother can cut that azz and no one mind why it take a lot of help to raise a respectful child all that was in it life had to train it! Now when you got three people living in the house grandmother and mother and daughter and all got a man all party at the same club and all is trying to be so fine how the hell can this child know respect? Watch this! All is wearing the shortest dress that they can wear and all is taking each other man and a new man is in the house every Friday night! Then you say don’t be a whore! WTF? To all the bad azz kids I don’t blame you I blame the ones that is showing you how to live! Remember monkey see monkey do! Time out is fine for the ones who listen but some you just have to beat the shit out of them to let them know you don’t rule this house! And to the ones that say I don’t agree trade kids for a while and see how you will do when they have your azz in time out! Now look at the picture at bottom and know these can be your kids if you don’t beat that azz! peace pastorsvoice!


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