Man she’s cock blocking


Well well back again! Sorry so long but I been moving and trying to get house right for my wife! Speaking of wife this blog is something her sister and friend was very good at! THEY WERE THE MAIN COCK BLOCKERS IN THE WORLD BUT I WON! See we call them cheese burgers why? Dry bun but had a lot of mess in them and you know if you eat to much cheese it will be hard to doo-doo! See they had every thing in common with a cheese burger! Good for one thing a quick pain in the gut! See men cock block different we throw salt in the game but you woman can’t take a hint! To get the hell out you give her the eye to find something else to do but she will sit right there and say I’m not leaving or you think you was going to get lucky but not on my watch! Or always have some crying problem that can’t wait and she will sit her azz between us and start with all that mouth about something that if she would have kept her big mouth close she would not have a problem! But men know if I got a woman in the room and the sock is on the door get the heck out or don’t come your begging azz in! Or if we out at the club and you get a lady then you on your own and if I get a lady and if you don’t have a car and you are riding with me back seat is your place and you go home first! But nooooo! not you ladies! You will hang your stinky azz around and say stuff like I’m bored! You are so bored because you came your azz out and know your mouth always write a check that you big azz can’t cash! Or you mad because no one want your stupid acting non-friendly never happy onion smelling bad breath you cheese burger we can tell you been taking Tylenol why you have no tail at all! You butt is flat as a board and if my house need one then your gut will block the nail! Ok lets be real all the ladies will say we will match our outfits look big girls do need to wear stretch pants or spandex! Why too many humps and bumps and we have not pass your ankles! Oh don’t you hate the ones that all way comes but never get anyone! That’s why a good look lady who just want drinks and no action will bring a troll with her to say I’m ready to go home so she can say I can’t just leave her! Heck we leave our home boys all the time and then the next morning listen to them wine and moan about how we left them at the club! But they know the rule! Women don’t have any! Hell leave that beast let her walk why at lease the bugs will like her that’s why all of them is all ways around her! Last but not lease let the two cock blockers get together and all go on a double date so both can say how much they hate each other so those double cheeseburgers can be so messy that the ones who was having a good time have another chance to go out! see picture don’t worry it did not hurt he have no nuts to hurt why he been lost them by cock blocking! peace pastorsvoice!

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