the mastermind jello shots

Monday, April 15, 2013

The mastermind jello shots!


Oh dip! This is a trip. What is this that has past my lips! This took place at a party that I tried to fit in. See I’m not a drinker and don’t smoke weed anymore coke makes me feel to crazy and boded acids just keeps me high too long! So me with my stupid self went to a party with close friends to get out the house when we got there the party was off the hook! Man people was every where so me trying not to be a dip ship you know what a dip ship is right if not this is what we call a dip ship one who is one side and did not need to be there! So I mingle and they started to offer me something to eat and then the drinks came out but I did not drank! So now me being my self and didn’t want any one to notice that I was not drinking there on the kiddie table was the mastermind to my making a azz out of my night! So at first I didn’t took any but as this fine azz freak start to roll on me the dog came out! There was no way this tender piece of azz was getting away somebody daughter was in trouble to night bang bang was my name! So she who had much experience in holding her booze you know the kind that you can say my chic bad my chic good my chic do what you wish your chic could! She said try this it looked so harmless hell jello! Who will be afraid of freaking jello! So I ate a green one and it tasted good could not tell that booze was in there so we was getting to know one another dancing and me and her was on point! Ok this is where the shit hits the fan! Me with my bad self started to eat the jello and not giving the booze time to kick in after a while this damn jello start talking to me saying eat some more! Now my body was smart it said no stop that’s enough! But my two heads said hell no you got some booty to bang You need a kick to go long and strong because this fine red bone don’t need a minute man tonight she need long john Wong to cap her night off! The two heads said try the pudding! Now all that green yellow blue jello I had all ready ate that had white booze in it! Now here is the mix people say don’t mix your liquor it will make you drunk quicker! But all my two heads was seeing was this red bone with this hot azz body that was digging me so I left the jello and went to pudding! These two jello’s fooled me that I was the life of the party and that red bone did not help any she was my fuel to get wild! Shots off tidy’s shots off azzes! shots off thighs and one shot from between the red bone legs! That when this big azz ape with hair on his hands said alright that it lets go! Heck the jello said who is this ape talking to? Well he was talking to his wife that my head was between her legs getting a jello shot out of! Now the jello said hell no he is not going to take this piece of azz from me all the work I put in to get it to grove with me! So when he grab her arm and pull her off the table this damn jello said it’s on now that jello told me I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof! Well why jello lie so bad! This jello mastermind the azz kicking of a life time and it was not that hairy ape who got his azz kick it was the one who thought he was the life of the party! Man this man hit me so hard that the jello said damn! And the dumb thing about it was he was kicking my azz and I knew it! And could not stop it! My friends was at the movies staring me! After they got his foot out my azz! I with my stupid self looked at the red bone and said call me! What I did that for this ape and his friends came and whip me my friends azz mess up my car with us and then left with that pretty red bone! Listen do not I repeat do not ever ever listen to jello it will get you killed! peace pastorsvoice!

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