lost inmy zone!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

lost in my zone!


First lets get all bull shit out the way! So what life is a bumpy road! It’s time for a wake up call you are in my zone! In here you be you! Don’t be fake because that’s all you will get is fake smiles fake friends fake feelings most of all fake sense of belonging! Ok look at this life and say don’t no more! We as men need to be there for ours sons and daughters! Stop putting it all on the woman listen a woman can’t be a father and a man can be a mother each can act like each other but can be the other! Now I know most who have only one parent have heard this they is my mother and father! But I never known my father and my mother was a great woman but there was always a part missing! I act like a fool when other men who was not my dad came in my life why there was never a man in my life to begin with! So I never accept the love that they had for me! Now this is a blog for the family don’t believe the hype that a man is not needed in a child’s life or that a woman is not needed why a woman cares for the family way different than a man and a mother is what mold and shape a son to respect women and a man help a daughter to watch out for these sorry men who hurt our little girls! My zone is to change the way we are messing up the minds of the next set of mothers and fathers! And this has nothing to do with gay or straight this has all to do with how me as a son never got a chance to tell his dad how much he needed him to mold him into a man that his word was all he had! See this is why I joke so much in these blogs why because of all the hard stuff life gave me and never had a chance to know how to be that man who cares for his mate or to commit to be faithful to a woman see every one else can come out and say what they are inside but when you don’t know what drives you to do the things you do how can you come out? No I’m not in battle with my sex it’s more deeper then that! And not who I screw! There has been times when I got in my zone and you could not touch me why my zone is a salesman and in my zone you had my money in your pocket and I had to get it no just meant I did not convince you enough to give me my money! Do you feel me on this one? This was my zone and all the demons that haunt me could not get threw! But as all that my family was a big part to my hustle! When you have a family you don’t know how it feel not to have one! All the gun fights in my house as I was growing up made me think that was a normal life! All the times I seen my mother beat shot slap kick until she was no more I thought that was the way to live! Until I had my own no one gave me a book on how to be a dad I had nothing to go by! Watch this and you decide! No uncles no aunts no grandparents on neither side! Nothing but strangers and most was drunk all the time! And you would say so what that don’t matter! Hell did you grow up having sex at the age of six and then you talk! You grow up and by the age of 12 getting high! You grow up and see people that you trust break all rules of watching you by making you drunk and laughing at you on how you act! You step in my zone and had to depend on a family that at all time was against one or the other! This is crazy but leave it to beaver was my dream of how life need to be not the zone that I was in! Listen to love and keep is what make a family strong but in my growing up years only the strong survived and you could not be weak it’s hard on the weak ones! They need the family to depend on! Now to you hard asses who say so what? This is why so much killing is going on because I wanted to just blast my grammar school year because they knew I did not have a daddy to come to be with me or my mother was off with her man and $20.00 was all me and my sister had to eat on for that week when she was gone! You tell your 7 year old and your 10 year old to live off $20.00 and see just how mess up their zone is! Further more to the hard asses that think they can bitch about life hell I made it so can you! Take all the bull shit and learn from it on how not to act! My zone is now in me and my family! peace pastorsvoice!get your hand out my cookies!

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