Wednesday, April 10, 2013

lost and won’t say it!


Hey peep this have any one been riding with some one who is lost and won’t admit it? This right here is a real trip! check this out! We went on vacation  and I was driving so we got off the interstate and road to a store that was a few miles down the road. I stop at store and we all switch places. So my nephew was driving now I said go back the way we came and close my eyes and forgot he was sleep the whole way! So Mr. I know where I’m going took off so in my sleep we was stopping and going so realizing this is not a dream and in my mind knowing that on the interstate the only way you stop and go there must be a wreck! So I open my eyes and all I saw was fields and dirt! No traffic no four lanes and this numb nut is hauling azz down this road like he is still on the interstate! Hell I wanted to slap him in the back of his head but his father which was in the back seat with me was too big and he just whip a cousin azz about hitting his son and I was too far from home to take a azz whipping! Now when I went to sleep we just came off of I-10 suppose to be heading back to Pensacola Florida coming back from Shreveport Louisiana but we was 10 miles before we hit the Arkansas line! And listen you don’t get out the car when four black men in a rental car driving up to a house asking where the hell am I? That’s a good way to get your daily supply of iron! And heck I took my pill before we  left Florida! This is what kicked it off WHY THE HELL YOU GOT GPS AND DON’T FOLLOW IT? You say that thing don’t know what it’s talking about! Listen when people act like they need their azz kick give them just what they want! Heck my cell phone said forget it you won’t see any bars for a while! WTF is this? The road back to interstate was a straight road how can you get lost? The sign will say this way to interstate! Follow the arrow if you are mad at the GPS! IT’S A STAIGHT SHOT! But noooo! You can’t tell MR. I know what I’m doing! Asshole you are going the wrong way and his big azz daddy is no better saying leave him alone he know where he’s going! And you and your son never left Pensacola in your entire retarded life! So this fool pull in this bar that has a southern Dixie flag flying now I just known my azz was going to be whip either by this retard daddy or those long beard tobacco spiting people that was on the out side drink miller beer! And by the looks of them they did not just have one either! So against my better judgment this fool drive up and jumps out! Now about this time my mind say hell let his daddy kick your azz for not getting out to help his dumb azz son! At lease you can say numb nuts was stupid and his big azz daddy did not like it! So you know there is all ways one in the bunch that has a big mouth! The bearded man ask numb nuts can I help you are you lost? And this other black fool is going to bust out and say WTF can’t you see we need help? Now at this time my mind said RUN but hell I was already lost where can I run? And the bearded man said excuse me? I just say he was talking to me SIR. And he just that stupid Now you know we was not in a good place if the big azz daddy tell the other one to shut the hell up! But looks can be deceiving they were nice people and they had a good laugh when one ask numb nuts how the hell you get lost with GPS? This only show men if you are lost just say so! And don’t be a dick to asks for help! peace pastorsvoice!!!!

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