Black on black where’ the hope?

, April 9, 2013

black on black where’s the hope?


This blog hits close to home why my nine year old got jumped and beating by these older kids and she never had a fight in her nine years until I had to move in the hood! So this is my blog! Why is it acceptable for us to always hurt one another never see how we can be if we just respect a person for a person but in the hood they don’t try to teach or help one or another if a child is shot no one know or they know but because of the life style no one tells! We never can be a force in this world if we fight among ourselves  but to hate is all we black know we hate the white because we say slavery! But none pick any cotton none was force labor none was sold but the hate lives on. We hate the Mexicans because they will work and we won’t we rather steal from one another or sell poison to someone mother to have all the support that is needed for that house to make it! We will rather turn our kids to hood rats gang bangers or whores, hookers instead of giving them the help to bring back the man of the house! You blame the man. And say he is hold you back! That’s the biggest lie that ever fell out the side of your neck! We hold each other back to damn afraid that some one is going to have more that me! We hate all race because we say they hate us! Well if we start taking some accountability for the shit we do maybe we will start to be respected! But to the ones that left the hood you will agree you wanted a better live for your family right? We are taught to fight with fist and shoot with guns never to stick together and be one! You said that it was in grain in us when we was slaves? Well if you knew it was wrong why is we still doing it? Try to do what’s right but when you call 911 you are wrong in the hood a sellout but when you stole all that I had well you say that’s alright? Can’t sit  on your own porch why because you might get shot because they say this is their block but we pay the taxes to live in fear! Heck I don’t want to go back to the way of the streets! My family needs me to show a better way! But we are told if you never been locked up you not a man! So many of us black men get locked up for the dumbest things and lose so much time from our sons and daughters! And the hood is spending so much time when you are not there! Now I face a nine year old asking me why do they pick on me my hair is long and I don’t wear weave but they pick at me. I don’t like to fight but I like friends but no one want to be because I won’t do anything wrong! You tell us god will fight your battles but when they jump me I called but there was no answer! I feel that I have failed because of the choices I made to put her in this hell! Each day I look at my skin and wish it will go away! No one likes me not even blacks and I’m black what the hell is with that? Now the ones that stands for black pride this is what that make many blacks to feel that they can do what they want because I’m black and proud! This is not to get friends or your hand clap! This is real and is really some bull crap!I AM A PRESON AND MY SKIN DON’T SAY SHIT FOR ME SO AS FOR PRIDE IT CAN KISS MY BLACK AZZ! PEACE PASTORSVOICE WHEN IS MY LIFE FREE?

One thought on “Black on black where’ the hope?

  1. I agree with what you’re saying here and I’m glad that you’re saying it. I believe there is racism and the system has got lots of issues and there are people who don’t wish other people well – but that’s the way it is and we need to pull out the mote in our own eye before blaming other people for a shitty situation. But that’s easy for me to say, being white (and Australian).

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