Summertime hang ups!

Monday, April 8, 2013

summertime hang ups!



Summertime summertime! It’s a time for sun and fun! But it’s hard on a married man why? Ok you women has a low rate for sex most can do without it for a long time! But for a man it’s the first thing on his mind and the last thought on his brain when he get in bed! Well you may say that’s sick but It is not sex is a beautiful thing and if you woman stop acting like your kitty cat is the only one in the world then you might can keep a man! But when we go to the mall or beach or just walking down the street especially in the summer and all that azz and those tidy’s is just every where and the skin is tan brown and all the ladies is trying to get someone to notice just how good they can look in the outfit that they are wearing or who got the shorts is the shortest or who got the most leg and butt showing! It’s hard on a man when all winter no booty! Or his wife put him in the dog house for the last month! How the hell you expect me not to look! And in the summer the club is crazy with free cookies to try! But naw you sit there with your tight azz saying you better not look! Now in my case I had to tell my wife heck if you think that us getting it on is not important then stop and see just how much a freaking smile and I love you got with no action! And we been married for 17years! Now you single numb nut will say how can you just be with one woman all that time? Well here’s a tip just love her and respect her and give her all your heart! And think just how you will feel if she cheated on you! See one woman at a time is all you can please! You don’t have time for you your wife and a woman on the side why someone is going to want more time and how can you do that when you don’t have anymore time! Fella’s I learn this in my running days you can’t please two women and if you stop and look you are not pleasing the one you got! Listen this may not get the male vote for this blog but the one’s that read it can have a strong bond with the one you truly love! Now to you women that think you got him wrap up! This is your call. Summertime is a play ground for the needy and you nag and pick hold back the good stuff! And think he will stay home hell if you don’t feed a dog he will leave home and hang out at the neighbor’s house or just look at a dog in heat no matter how many girl dogs you have he will leave them why they is not giving up the booty! Now to you who say I’m doing all I can to keep my man well who said he is a man? Many boys act like a man look like a man dress like a man but is still a boy! Last thing you can clean a pig up and put the pig in the best you can feed it the best but when the pig get back to it’s pin it will still eat shit why? It is a pig and it eat it’s shit! Now this go both ways you can take the hoe out the city but you can’t take the city out of the hoe! peace pastorsvoice!!summertime hang ups


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