Tampons in my face

Tampons in my face!


Now I know I’m not the only one who watch TV and when you see a lady laying at the pool most of you is saying just like me Don’t get you butt in the pool most do agree when you say on TV that it’s my time of the month! We all know you are not fresh down there! But you jump you nasty fish smelling butt in and now think of all those people that water get in their mouth? Now you say heck that what chorine is for. Well how many of you want to swim in a public pool that you know every body is taking a piss in? Now add piss the nineteen men she slept with before her time of the month her fishy smelling azz and blood and left over douche from last month in your mouth nose ear face body! Now how would you fell if I just piss on you and then take a dump right by your head and wipe it in your mouth? Or the same one who got a g’s string from her dick getting friend that no one wash and the string is in both azz all day it may look good on them but we all know when you take a dump and just wipe you butt it leaves a doo-dooo smell now all this is in your mouth don’t for get the yeast infection that she got from that string just rubbing in that place that is in the middle of it’s month cycle! Tampon I believe is for women because they have two holes and one is what it work in but a mans butt? I said in a azz!Why would you want to put a tampon in any azz! But a man WTF where is he going to put it in his azz? A Azz is only place that is made to dump out crap! But when you put crap in it do it hurt? Whoa! Are we really that stupid that we will say it’s all right to stick a hard piece of tube in my azz? I know when I take a shit if it’s hard this hurt my butt and I have to take a minute to let the pain stop! But just think you are walking around all day with this stuck in you azz! Sorry I don’t give a flying flip who you screw! If you want to screw a slow ride to hell go right ahead! But to walk around with a piece of tube in your azz I can’t see that crap! But who is me? Someone who is not going to walk around with a corn cobb in my azz! One more thing about this tampon thing! Most clean women DON’T LIKE YOU TO TOUCH THEM WHEN IT’S THEIR TIME! But to you nasty slack stinking heifers that pull your tampons out and don’t have a clue that you are one slack heifer that leave that just laying around! This is for you! Someone need to clog your azz up and make it come out your neck! So you may just see how slack your azz is! Please think how slack this is how would you feel it I take a good dump in your house and leave it! peace pastorsvoice!!!!

This is really retarded even for me!


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