azz and caller ID

azz and caller ID


Now know you are asking your self what a azz with bugs on it have to do with caller ID? Listen to this and see why! To most people this thing can be so trouble some! And we look at this as another part of home device! But to a broke man it’s his life line why when the bank calls he can catch another gear away from phone and just watch it! To a poor man when bill collators call he can say don’t answer it! To the liar he can see the one who he lied on trying to get him straight! To the don’t want to be talk to deaf he can see that talking person that never shut the hell up! And to the love sick person who used to have to waited by phone now he don’t! Caller ID can be the biggest break thru to avoiding the butt wipe that all ways think that by calling you will make you do the bull that they are asking you to do! Now how bugs on a azz fit in? Well really it don’t but in my sick mind it will! Who had crabs before? Well is you eat them that they call snow crabs see these thing float off all the people the go to beach and swim in salt water and the crabs swell up into snow crabs! NO I’m just kidding! The dude that got bugs on his azz and he did not have caller ID so when his girl called and told him don’t get that or she will leave him well all he got left is the bugs on his azz! So see why this can be a life saver! And now you wondering where’s the hook? Well here it goes all who have one will use the hell out of it and if you are wondering why they never call you back. Because they don’t want to talk to you! See how my caller ID works! When some one call that you don’t want them to know that you are home you can look at it and say heck no! No one pick that up! But to the starker to the talker to the ones that get you licks and kicks by calling me to sell me something that you know you don’t want! This for you look on bottom of post and see just how I get by you all the time! Oh P.S I didn’t pay my phone bill anyway so I don’t need it! HE HE HE PEACE PASTORSVOICE!


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